About Community Justice

Many of our services support individuals dealing with legal problems. This is critical work. But our guiding purpose is to advocate for social change. Working with community we challenge the root causes of inequality and strive to improve quality of life for low income and marginalized groups. Here is how we do this “systemic” work.

Public Legal Education

HCLC works with community groups to understand their legal rights through workshops, presentations, print and electronic materials & community conversations about areas of law—all done in a comfortable environment catered to the needs of participants.

Community Organizing

If you want to start an association, or a group –such as a tenant committee- to have a voice in the community, HCLC can support you with organizing.

Law Reform

Often, there is a need to change laws, regulations, policies and practices that are unfair and penalize and/or discriminate against members of the community. Our law reform efforts include written and oral submissions to governments of all levels, legal challenges and lobbying/education campaigns conducted through community partners.

Please email maria.antelo@hclc.clcj.ca if you would like us to speak with your group, assist a group or association, or support your cause through law reform.

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