Criminal Law

Our clinic does not provide service in this area; however if you need assistance in a criminal matter:

  • If the offence is likely to result in jail time
  • For example, impaired driving causing bodily harm, robbery and drug trafficking.

Legal aid is available through the certificate program. A legal aid certificate allows you to receive advice and representation from a private lawyer.

Clients can apply for certificates by calling Legal Aid Ontario’s Client Service Centre. The toll free number is: 1-800-668-8258 and press 0

No coins are required from a payphone and Legal Aid Ontario accepts collect calls. This service is offered in 120 languages.

Clients must be legally and financially eligible for legal aid services.

Legal Aid Ontario

Hamilton-Kitchener District Office
110 King Street West, Hamilton, ON Suite 780
Robert Thompson Bldg.
Telephone: 905-528-0134
Fax: 905-528-1857

Getting Help in the Courtroom: Duty Counsel Services

Duty Counsel are lawyers assigned to courts to provide free assistance to persons who do not have a lawyer. Look for the duty counsel office at your courthouse.

In criminal cases, duty counsel provide advice, obtain adjournments and assist with adjournments, bail hearings, diversions and guilty pleas.

Criminal Court Duty Counsel can be found at:

John Sopinka Courthouse
45 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON, L8N 2B7
Telephone: 905-645-5252 x3616
Monday to Friday 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM