Celebrating Pride Month

Published On: June 3, 2020

Note: The Queer Justice Project recognizes that language is important. In an effort to be inclusive, we use the language […]

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Celebrating National Indigenous History Month

Published On: June 3, 2020

“ June is National Indigenous History Month – a time for all Canadians – Indigenous, non-Indigenous and newcomers – to […]

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Statement in solidarity with the Black community

Published On: June 1, 2020

  Canada was founded on racial injustice yet has a long history of denying racism as a country. Despite human […]

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HCLC Spotlight: Housing Initiatives In Pursuit of Greater Housing Security

Published On: May 25, 2020

We are in the midst of the worst affordable housing crisis in the country’s history. Wages and social assistance rates […]

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HCLC Website Launch

HCLC site launch

Published On: May 11, 2020

We are excited to welcome you to our new HCLC website. This is an important part of our 10th Anniversary […]

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Statement on Human Rights and COVID-19

Human Rights & COVID-19

Published On: April 8, 2020

We are facing an unprecedented challenge. Public health officials from all levels of government have stressed the importance of physical distancing and it remains the most effective tool to protect each other from COVID-19. However, as the pandemic spreads and measures to contain it intensify, we must pay special attention to supporting those most vulnerable.

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