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Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Framework

In its 2017 Strategic Plan HCLC committed to achieving inclusive justice for all communities in Hamilton. We are doing this through advancing the organization’s decolonization, advocating for marginalized communities, recognizing particular struggles of intersectional oppression and building strong relationships with advocacy groups, institutions and partners.

We have embarked on a journey to develop and implement a robust Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression (ARAO) Plan. This will be the framework for all decision-making, service delivery, community engagement, policy development and human resources. We are committed to advocating for systemic and structural change at all levels of society to end inequities, power imbalances and entrenched dominance.

In 2019 we engaged a consultant to assist the Clinic with this ARAO process. The work consisted of a review of all practices, policies and processes. Input was obtained from service users, staff, board members and community partners.

We are grateful to community partners for participating in key informant interviews and/or focus groups and providing invaluable input to support this work. We look forward to continuing this conversation to facilitate improved public policy, service advocacy and collaborative planning.

Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Plan