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Workers Compensation

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

If you have an injury at work, or develop a disability or disease because of the work you do, this is a work-related disability and you are an injured worker.  Most injured workers in Ontario are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Injured workers can receive benefits from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, including benefits for lost wages, compensation for medications and other health care services, assistance with returning to work with your employer, retraining and forms of vocational rehabilitation, and payments for any permanent disability.

You must apply for these benefits to receive them.  You can ask your family doctor or employer for help with this.  You can also contact the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board at 1-416-344-1000 or toll-free at 1 (800) -387-0750.  The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board also has a website:

Our Clinic provides representation and summary advice for all aspects of a Workers’ Compensation Appeal.

If you have applied for Workers’ Compensation benefits and have been turned down or if you have received Workers’ Compensation benefits but have been cut-off, we can assist you in appealing this decision and building your case.  In some cases we will represent you at your hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Board and/or the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal.

We can also answer any questions you have regarding eligibility for benefits, amount of assistance and benefits available for injured workers recipients.

Other sources for assistance with your appeals

If you have a union at work, your union can, and often will, provide excellent advice and representation with respect to your Workers’ Compensation matters. There is also the Office of the Workers’ Advisor. The OWA provides free services to non-unionized injured workers and their survivors in workers’ compensation matters: They can be reached at: 1-800-435-8980 (Service in English) or 1-800-661-6365 (Service in French).