Make The Shift Statement: Homeless Encampments In Hamilton (ON) & Risk of Evictions

“The Shift is concerned as protections for residents of homeless encampments are rolled back in the
City of Hamilton, threatening the human rights of encampment residents. The City has announced its
intent to revoke its Bylaw Enforcement Protocol relating to homeless encampments as of 30th August
2021, leaving hundreds of people at immediate risk of eviction from their homes within encampments.
This Protocol – arrived at in an agreement between the City and encampment residents, advocates, and
community partners – provided protections against such an eviction, particularly for those with high
acuity needs. Such a revocation, in absence of ensuring access to adequate housing for encampment
residents, is inconsistent with human rights, and will likely result in deepening marginalization, trauma,
health inequities, and safety risks for these community members.”

For the full statement: Shift Statement – Hamilton – Aug 27