An Open Letter To The City Of Hamilton RE: Metrolinx Owned Properties and the Prioritization of Affordable Housing

 “As you know, the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic provides services to the most marginalized members of the Hamilton community as we advance legal rights within a context of intersecting social issues to ensure individuals’ basic needs are met. 

Our role offers us a concrete window of exposure to the implications of the housing crisis facing the country, province and our locality. Reoccurring concerns are both immediate and long term: the first being the urgency of the immediate need for adequate affordable housing and the future concern of how policies today fuel or ameliorate the future housing stock. We are alarmed about the fate of the Metrolinx owned properties. We call on the City to leverage this opportunity to guarantee that these properties be utilized for affordable housing”

For the complete letter, read the PDF below:

Nov 19 20 Ltr to City re Metrolinx housing

For some more statistics on why we should invest in housing, read the PDF below:

Replace and invest in housing now stats[1]